Wednesday 16 October 2019

Elderly Wexford man left without water for over two days following installation of water meters

Paul Eaves was left without water until he informed his neighbour.
Paul Eaves was left without water until he informed his neighbour.
A resident said that the road was left in a poor condition.


An elderly man living in Windmill Heights was left without water for over two days as a result of work carried out by Irish Water.

Following the installation of water meters in the private apartment complex, Paul Eaves was left without running water in his home from Monday (November 16). The man, who is in his mid-seventies and has speech and walking difficulties, went without the resource until he mentioned it to a neighbour last Wednesday morning.

'Paul is a man who never complains. He doesn't like to complain and wouldn't know who to complain to in this situation,' explained his neighbour Danny Clarke, who regularly assists Paul by bringing his shopping to him. 'I only found out about the water problem when I called over and he told me. I gave him some of my water to keep him going.'

In addition to having no water, Danny said that Paul was also left without adequate access to and from his home.

'The concrete path to his front door has been blocked and so, Paul has to walk across the grass to get in and out,' explained Danny. 'He finds it very difficult to walk as it is.'

Danny also expressed his own concerns over the condition that their road was left in following the water meter installations.

'Last week the contractors ripped up all three blocks here and left it in a hell of a mess,' he said. 'They dug holes and left barriers everywhere.'

Danny brought the issue straight to the attention of Wexford County Council who sent an engineer to investigate on Wednesday afternoon. Despite the fact that residents had not made contact with Irish Water prior to the engineer's arrival, two Irish Water contractors had arrived that morning. However, although Paul's water issue was resolved and the road was cleared, the entrance to Paul's home had not been cleared by Friday.

Commenting on the issue, a representative from Irish Water said:

'Unfortunately, due to the nature of the works, there can be disruption to the public road and footpaths outside customers' homes. In relation to this particular property, the planned works were delayed due to the poor weather conditions this week.'

'Throughout the duration of the works, pedestrian access was maintained to property 1B and no complaints or concerns regarding access to this property have been received by the crew or Irish Water.'

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