Friday 20 September 2019

Elderly widow's wedding ring stolen during break-in

AN ELDERLY Wexford widow had her precious wedding ring stolen by thieves who ransacked her home last weekend.

Mrs. Catherine (Kitty) Scahill (94) of Batt Street was in her son Michael's house next door when the robbery took place last Saturday night at about 9 p.m.

Thieves broke open the front door and searched through every room, throwing her belongings and her medicines around the house.

Michael Scahill had been in the house only minutes earlier, setting out his mother's tablets and turning down her bed.

The elderly woman whose husband Michael died 43 years ago, had her pension money and her gold wedding ring stolen in the burglary.

'For someone to do something as low-down and rotten as that to a person of her age, is awful,' said her daughter Kathleen Buggy.

'I would shoot them if I could find them,' said Kathleen who also lives in Batt Street with her husband Martin. 'My mother has been a widow since she was 51 and for this to happen now in her twilight years. This is after really upsetting her.'

The Buggy family home was broken into in a similar burglary last February when all of Kathleen's jewellery and a quantity of cash were stolen.

'We're living in fear. We're prisoners in our own home,' she said.

'Every time you hear a sound at night, you're thinking it could be someone trying to break in.'

Kathleen said she believes both robberies were carried out by the same people.

She blames 'cash for gold' shops for providing an incentive for thieves to rob jewellery.

' To me, that's what they're taking the jewellery for.

' These shops should be closed down by the Government,' said Kathleen.

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