Thursday 27 June 2019

Emmet reverts to independence and quits Fianna Fáil

Emmet Moloney
Emmet Moloney

Anna Hayes

If ever there was proof that a week is a long time in politics, local man Emmet Moloney has found it as, little more than a week after publicly confirming his intention to run in the next local elections for Fianna Fáil, he has resigned from the party.

Mr Moloney joined Fianna Fáil in February 2017, having run as an Independent candidate in the general election of the previous year.

This move, he said, had been his back-up plan in the event of not succeeding in the election.

'My plan B was to go into a large and renowned party with the hopes that some of my policies could be implemented. Fianna Fáil seemed like a party that had overcome past history and had the ideals of a new vision and moving forward.'

He said he felt that joining the party would give him space to make progress on pushing for vital facilities and issues that had been lost to previous administrations:

'I knew that if I had the opportunity I could possibly gain traction and get the help and support of a larger political party to possibly solve some very serious issues that are affecting the population of both Wexford town and county.'

However, Mr Moloney said that his progress in the party was dealt a blow with the news that they intended to run just two candidates in the town, splitting the district into rural and urban sections.

With Garry Laffan receiving the backing of Cllr Tony Dempsey and hailing from a rural area, it would have come down to a vote between Mr Moloney and fellow candidate Colin Murphy, who is a member of the bigger of the town's Cumanns.

Mr Moloney said: 'It feels like Wexford town has been put on the back burner by Fianna Fáil who, in my opinion, are already putting up a defeatist attitude before candidates have even been selected.'

He voiced his belief that the breakdown of candidates was not enough to represent a town and county that was growing on such a large scale.

He voiced his concerns over the lack of first responder care and continuing care for those suffering from mental health issues, saying the consequences were plain to see, and adding that there had been several, possibly avoidable, deaths due to the lack of a mental healthcare facility in the county.

He also felt that not enough was being done about maximising the potential of Rosslare Harbour with Brexit on the horizon.

He said the lack of representation and vision had prompted his resignation from the party.

Mr Moloney intends to run in next year's local elections as an independent candidate.

He said: 'I will run with the hope that I can possibly make small or large changes for the better, in a county with so much to offer but unable to achieve fully.

'I look forward to meeting the people of Wexford over the coming months as an independent candidate and hope that I may be given the opportunity to represent this great town.'

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