Wednesday 18 September 2019

Employee must pay for 'New Look' theft and audit

A WEXFORD woman who stole clothes from her employers, New Look, on a number of occasions in February and March 2009 has been charged with not only the cost of the clothes, but the audit conducted to find out what was happening at the busy store.

Marie Moore (47), of 10 Ashfield Drive, had previously admitted her guilt in respect of the 16 separate theft charges – all relating to items of clothing from New Look's Wexford store, where the defendant worked.

Two of the thefts were in February 2009 and 14 were in March.

The value of the clothes, some € 815, has been repaid, Tim Cummings, for Moore, told the court.

However, he said she has also been sent the bill for the audit carried out by her employers to uncover the theft offences, which brought the total owed by Moore to some € 1,600.

'I'm instructed there's in the region of € 800 still due,' said Mr Cummings, who pointed out that Moore has never come to the attention of the gardaí for any other matters.

He described her as ' exceptionally uptight and nervous' to be before the court and said that she was 'disturbed' by the whole process.

'She put thought into the commission of this crime,' pointed out Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla, who adjourned the case for a year – until March 21, 2011 – in the hope that Moore does not come to the attention of the gardaí in the meantime.

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