Thursday 23 May 2019

End in sight for Ardcavan road after €1million and more than four years

Funding is expected to finally bring the road up to standard
Funding is expected to finally bring the road up to standard

Long-suffering motorists who regularly travel the road between Wexford and Castlebridge are being assured that an end is finally in sight which will see road resurfacing completed on the busy road. Funding of €237,000 has been allocated to finish the project, which has been ongoing for more than four years.

While initial resurfacing works had taken place beforehand, it was decided to tackle the road once and for all back in 2015 when funding of €350,000 was allocated. The project ran into some problems along the way and now nearly four years later, it still resembles what Cllr George Lawlor describes as 'something akin to a lunar landscape'.

'What happened was funding was granted back in 2015 to do the road,' Cllr Lawlor explains. 'Then they got as far as the Audi Garage (which was newly opened at the time) and they realised that the road was so badly dilapidated, it was in urgent need of major work and this ate up a lot of the funding. I think somewhere in the region of €600,000 was spent just to get that part of the road right alone. We have been playing catch-up ever since and it's simply not good enough for what is a major artery into the town. People and their vehicles have suffered an inordinate amount.'

Cllr Lawlor estimates that in total, when finished, it will have cost somewhere in the region of €1 million to get the road right.What are hoped to be the final resurfacing works on the road are expected to get under way soon and Cllr Lawlor says he is pushing for the work to be done sooner rather than later before traffic in Ardcavan increases with summer beach-goers.

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