Thursday 22 August 2019

Energy drinks blamed for player's collapse


A WARNING has been issued about the use of energy drinks before sporting activity, following the collapse of a young sports man after a GAA match in the county last week.

A Blackwater player collapsed from suspected exhaustion following an intermediate hurling match against Craanford at Marshalstown. Medical attention was given by a nurse and other medical personnel on the scene who determined a defibrillator wasn't required. However, an ambulance was called and he was brought to Wexford General Hospital.

He later made a full recovery and went on to play in a football match at the weekend. Blackwater Club Chairman Sean Ormonde praised those who tended to the player on the scene, and said everyone is relieved he has made a full recovery.

'He'd had a long day at work before playing, and we're glad he's okay,' he said.

Senator Michael D'Arcy this week called for a debate to be held in the Seanad about what he calls ' the danger' of consuming high energy drinks in advance of or during sporting activity.

'It was a fairly scary experience for everyone,' said Senator D'Arcy. ' They didn't know what was wrong, if it was a heart attack, a stroke, or something else.'

'It was determined that were a number of contributory factors which led to the collapse, including fatigue and dehydration. However, the most crucial factor was said to be the consumption of a high energy drink by the young man prior to the match,' said Senator D'Arcy.

'While the effects that these drinks have on the body have been well documented, in terms of increasing alertness and mental stimulation, there is insufficient awareness of the dangers on their consumption can have,' he added.

'I am told by people in the sports field that in certain circumstances consuming energy drinks prior to a match, or any physically demanding activity, can be very dangerous,' he said. 'I am calling for a debate to be held in the Seanad on the issue, and for an official from the Department of Health to be invited to address the House before it rises.'

He said that nearly all of the marketing around these drinks is sports related. ' The marketing says it will be a big boost, but speaking to the people who know, like Senator Eamonn Coughlan, they say it's of no benefit before a match.

'If taken after a match with large amounts of water, perhaps there is some benefit,' he commented.

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