Sunday 17 December 2017

Energy drinks should be banned for kids

By Deborah Coleman - Straight Talking

Would any of us knowingly sit down and eat 16 spoonfuls of sugar? Probably not but this is what we do every time we consume an 'energy drink'.

Each one of these drinks can contain up to 80g of the white stuff, so if this is how many of us meet our energy needs, then we are in big trouble.

Safefood has this week called for retailers to ask for proof of age so that these products cannot be sold to under 16s.

This wouldn't be law but rather would rely on the integrity of individual retailers but it would be a step in the right direction.

The move would be uncertain but at least it would help to create awareness about so called health drinks.

In my view, these drinks should be banned completely as there is no value to them whatsoever.

The entire 'energy drink' phenomenon is a joke and the notion that these concoctions have any health or nutritional benefits is ridiculous.

These products are purely targeted to those who have no interest in health and fitness because any health expert will confirm that they are likely to be harmful when consumed in large amounts and ona regular basis.

And this is key, because those who purchase them are likely to do so regularly.

Drinking them even a few times a week will result in spiralling sugar consumption and on a long term basis can only have a negative effect on overall health.

While there has never been a bigger focus on healthy living and sugar-free lifestyles it is astounding that these products are so freely available to children of all ages.

These is nothing to stop a five year old from chugging down an energy drink if their parents but it for them, and some parents don't see the harm in it.

If adequate labelling was in effect, as Safefood suggests, then the information would be clear.

As it stands, a lot of these drinks are being marketed as 'healthy', 'low fat', 'hydrating', 'vitamin enriched' while there is no mention of all the harmful elements.

Where do people think the energy comes from? Sugar and caffeine is where. Who would give their child an espresso or a bag of sugar in their lunch box?

Giving them these drinks is just as bad yet bright colours and jazzy labelling mask the reality.

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