Friday 19 January 2018

Enforcement is key to stop dog fouling

By Esther Hayden

Cllr. Davy Hynes
Cllr. Davy Hynes
Cllr. Jim Moore

The amount of dog fouling on the paths of Wexford is a disgrace and enforcement is key to make people clean up after their pooches

Cllr Davy Hynes laid down a notice of motion at the April meeting of Wexford Borough Municipal District calling on the council to erect no dog fouling signs at all the green areas within the district to curb the problem. 'I think it is something we should move towards. It was promised in the past', he said.

He was supported by Cllr Fergie Kehoe who said 'we need more pooper scoopers as well. Some people who walk their dogs have no consideration and they are ruining things for everyone.'

Cllr Anthony Kelly was also supportive saying he 'didn't know how many times the matter had come up before the council but yet I don't think anyone has ever been prosecuted. Unless enforcement is brought in we are fighting a losing battle.'

'Some people won't use pooper scoopers', said Cllr Frank Staples. 'I know it's hard to prosecute. There's a certain element of people who don't care. I don't think putting up bags will solve the problem but it will help those who want to clean up after their dogs.'

Cllr Tony Dempsey pointed out that 'dogs can't read' saying the onus is on the dog owners.

However Cllr George Lawlor pointed out that the quayfront has plenty of no dog fouling signs but is still littered with dog mess. 'Signs don't solve the problem. It's a cultural thing. It's not the young people who aren't cleaning up, it's the older generation.'

Cllr Hynes said while he knew signs wouldn't solve the problem he said he felt they would help. 'They would be a step along the way. I think it will become less socially acceptable not to clean up after your dog.'

Cllr Jim Moore said a recent survey by students at the CBS showed the level of dog fouling in the area around the school and it was a disgrace. He said the students were 'sickened by it and it is publicly unacceptable'.

Cllr Deirdre Wadding agreed enforcement is key and said she'd like to see no dog fouling signs being erected on the beaches as well. 'I also think education is key and if we explain the health dangers it might get through to people. If we let our children do this on the street there would be public outcry why is acceptable for our dogs.'

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