Saturday 17 August 2019

Enjoy a portrait of the artist in Gorey

Ian Lacey self portrait.
Ian Lacey self portrait.
The Seamen by Amanda Doran.
Corbridge former town by Stephen Nolan.

By Maria Pepper

Corbridge former town, by Stephen Nolan

Watch five artists in action over five days in front of the Civic Centre in Gorey this week as part of an initiative called Process Art which is giving members of the public a chance to see portrait art being created.

The artists Ian Lacey, Patrick Redmond, Amanda Doran, James Doran, James Kirwan and Stephen Nolan who all have very different styles will occupy the space and make portraits from models every day this week from 10.30 am until 2 pm.

Each artist will pose for a day and the project will be carried out in the open where the passing public an see the work being made. At the end of the week, an exhibition of the work will go on display in the Civic Centre.

The work will be created using a variety of media and there will be scope for the artists to work individually and collaboratively. The pieces will be hung as they are made and the exhibition will grow and change during the week.

The project is designed to create openness and interaction between the artist and the public and to give an insight into how an art show is developed.

The process will be filmed, photographed, documented and live streamed during the week with daily posts online. Spectators are invited to visit inperson and to follow the livestream at Process Art Gorey on Facebook.

It is hoped that Process Art will become an annual event.

The Seamen, by Amanda Doran

self portrait,

by ian lacey

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