Saturday 16 December 2017

Enniscorthy tricolour flag claim verified

Cllr Keith Doyle
Cllr Keith Doyle

Cllr Keith Doyle said it has been established that the Irish flag was first flown in Enniscorthy and Waterford on the same day in 1848, adding that this fact needs to be marked both locally and nationally next year.

Cllr Doyle said: 'For almost 20 years I've been highlighting this and in recent weeks it has been verified and the evidence gives legitimacy to the claim that the flag was flown on March 7, 1848 in Enniscorthy, the same day it was flown in Waterford at Thomas Francis Meagher's dwelling. It's very significant as now we have an equal claim to this.'

Cllr Doyle said the Irish army will be giving presentations on the Irish flag in schools across the nation as part of the 1916 commemoration programme, adding that it is too late to have Enniscorthy included, but he hopes Wexford schools will be taught about the true history of the flag.

Cllr James Browne congratulated his party colleague on his tireless work in highlighting the cause.

'Keith has been flying the Enniscorthy tricolour flag story. I always understood the flag was first flown in Enniscorthy.'

Cllr Paddy Kavanagh said Wexford County Council needs to lend its full support to ensure Enniscorthy gets the recognition it deserves when people talk about the tricolour flag.

Director of Services John Carley said the council will highlight the link between Enniscorthy and the national flag.

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