Sunday 20 October 2019

Eoin Colfer will give new Ironman an Irish twist

Wexford writer Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl.
Wexford writer Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl.

By Esther Hayden

Wexford author Eoin Colfer has revealed he intends bringing Iron Man to Ireland in the next instalment in the Marvel book series, which he has signed up to write.

Colfer plans to bring the character, made popular by Robert Downey Junior's portrayal in the big budget Hollywood blockbusters, to the capital for an 'eco summit' where he will encounter a Dublin girl who can match Tony Stark's PhD-level banter.

'I really wanted to bring him over to Ireland,' he told Anton Savage on Today FM. 'I had to clear that first. With Disney and Marvel they're very precious with their characters.

'For the first time in my life I had to put a summary of what I intended to write, and my big thing was I wanted him to come over to Ireland, to Dublin specifically, and that was cleared.'

However, Stark can expect to get quite a different reaction from the Irish people than the one he's used to at home in the States.

'I think Irish people's attitude towards superheroes would be a little bit like their attitude towards famous people and rock stars in general, said Eoin.

'They're highly sceptical, so he's not going to get the adulation he would get in America. 'Ah here, would you look at yer man in his suit of armour! I think that would be an interesting dynamic!'

Eoin also revealed he has no plans to give Pepper Potts a large role, although he 'might' introduce an Irish girl.

'I don't know about a love interest but definitely someone who can give as good as she gets in terms of the Stark banter. A Dublin girl would be able for Tony.'

Eoin's instalment of Iron Man is expected to be released in Autumn 2016. He revealed that he had been approached to write a book about Iron Man and Captain America.

'I said I'm not really interested in Captain America because he's very good and he's totally noble whereas Tony has got this little dark side to him which I kind of like and I can play with. He's got plenty of Achilles heels. Every limb is an Achilles limb. He's going to have some problems in this book.'

The Artemis Fowl author revealed that he would love to see the book inspire a big screen adaptation or 'cartoon series or 'graphic novel'.

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