Monday 25 March 2019

E-parking on the rise as Council income for 2018 at €1.1 million

E parking allows people to pay for parking by electronic means without cash
E parking allows people to pay for parking by electronic means without cash

Maria Pepper

Local authority car parking generated €1.1 million in income in Wexford last year from a total of 1710 spaces on the street and in Council car parks around the town.

The recent introduction of E-parking has met with a positive reaction from the public according to Mick McCormack, Administrative Officer in the Roads Department who presented a report to the District Council.

Wexford town has had the highest take-up since the service came on stream on January 14 this year.

In the first week, the countywide usage was 147, rising to 300 in the second week, 365 in the third week and 460 in the fourth week.

'Usage has exceeded expectation and the feedback has been extremely positive. It has been working well with no significant problems,' said Mr. McCormack.

'There are lots of benefits for the council, businesses and parking customers', he said, encouraging councillors to promote E parking among their constituents.

The service is run by 'ParkbyText', an Irish-owned company situated in Dublin with a call centre in Waterford, which runs E parking in 23 locations around Ireland with 140,000 users, along with 100 locations in the UK and a plan to go live in Saudia Arabia in 2019.

E parking allows people to pay for parking by electronic means without cash.

The most popular method of payment is by an App downloaded to a phone, allowing the customer to select a location for parking, the duration of time needed and the payment along with receiving information on opening hours of car parks and directions.

To park online, customers log into an account on or select pre-pay for non account holders; to park by phone, you call customer service on 0818444999 and pay with a debit or credit card, and to park by text, you need to know the location code of each area - then you text park+location code+duration followed by m to 51155 and non-account holders must put in their car registration.

Customers can also email

E parking was introduced in Wexford to modernise the service and make it more convenient for the customer with no need for coins.

It offers the option to extend parking time from the comfort of a business premises and to leave a car overnight and pay remotely for parking the next day.

Mr. McCormack said there are plans to improve E parking signage and to explain the system to members of the public in the coming months.

Cllr. Tony Walsh said he is 'excited about the prospect of this development' but asked how a traffic warden knows that parking has been paid for if there is no ticket on a car.

Mr. McCormack explained that when someone pays for parking electronically, the traffic warden will be prevented from logging their vehicle registration into the system because it is already paid for.

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