Monday 21 October 2019

ESB bill leads to cannabis find

A FORMER dairy in Glenbrien was the target of a Garda drugs raid last week – after high electricity bills raised the suspicions of farmyard owners.

Officers swooped on the building in Crefogue on a back road near the Roadstone quarry to seize more than 3,000 cannabis plants growing in the blacked-out building.

The alarm was raised by the worried proprietor, who was alerted by the large ESB bills being run up by the mystery tenants.

The building, which is visible from the public road, had been used for similar purposes by others in the past.

Enniscorthy gardaí have appealed for help from the public in tracing those responsible for cultivating €400,000 worth of the drug at the scene on property owned by the O'connor family.

They arrived to find a well established operation, with heating and watering systems in place – but no sign of the people responsible.

Neighbours say that they noticed nothing out of the ordinary at the property in recent months.

However, when gardaí called they found that an extensive illicit operation was in full swing. They made a bonfire of many of the plants but retained samples in the hope that a prosecution will follow.

Behind the locked door and the blacked out windows they also uncovered irrigation and heating equipment used to keep the plants in good condition. Liquid plant food was found in the old dairy, as well as bags of fertiliser and peat moss.

No arrests were made and the gardaí are looking for assistance in tracking down those responsible.

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