Thursday 14 December 2017

ESB gets its wires crossed over Tacumshane 'funding'

By David tucker

THE red-faced ESB has apologised after getting its wires cross over a €3,000 grant to a community group in South Wexford.

The ESB said information it sent out last week that €3,000 was awarded to Tacumshane Old School Committee towards the upgrading of windows as part of the distribution of Wind Farm Community Funds to community groups in South Wexford was wrong.

The grant was in fact for St Paul's Old School committee for the creation of a high jump at their grounds in Kilrane, not Tacumshane, which was given a similar grant last year.

The ESB said it apologised for what it termed an 'inadvertent error'.

'People think we have got a grant, but we haven't,' said Janet Devereux, from the Tacumshane Old School committee.

'It was big boo boo.'

Janet said the ESB has told the committee that Tacumshane would be brought back high up in the list for the next round of grants.

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