Thursday 22 August 2019

ESB investigates as cows drop dead

FIVE COWS dropped dead in a milking parlour on a south Wexford farm late last week in a suspected electrocution accident, not unlike the Newbury racecourse incident which killed two racehorses in February.

ESB Networks have confirmed that they are 'dealing with a customer about the incident', but refused further comment when questioned about the bizarre happening. ESB crews rushed to the south Wexford farm immediately after the incident to make the milking parlour safe after the five beasts keeled over.

The farmer was in the process of herding the cows back to pasture after milking when the shocking accident happened.

The farmer was in the shed with the livestock when he saw one animal acting strangely. Within seconds four more animals had died.

Wearing rubber boots may have prevented the farmer from experiencing any shock waves himself.

In February, the UK's Newbury racecourse made headline news when two racehorses died after being electrocuted in a freak parade ring incident.

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