Tuesday 20 August 2019

Exorcist's chalice is recovered after theft



A CHALICE of historical significance used by the priest who exorcised Loftus Hall has been safely recovered after it was robbed from St James's Church in Ramsgrange.

The church was one of four in the New Ross area to be hit last week by thieves, who seem to be targeting tabernacles as well as gold and silverware.

Both the Ramsgrange Church and the church in Little Cullenstown, Foulksmills, were broken into last Thursday. Thieves also struck at two others just across the border into County Carlow.

Thieves removed the tabernacle and collection boxes from the church in Little Cullenstown, and made off with the safe, containing chalices, from the church in Ramsgrange. The safe, which contained the chalice of Fr Thomas Broaders, who according to wellfounded tradition exorcised the devil from Loftus Hall, was found by a man out walking in St Kearns, Saltmills, on Sunday.

According to Ramsgrange parish priest Fr Bernard Cushen, the chalice is seldom used, but is of huge historical value.

'It is a great relief to have the chalices back,' said Fr Cushen, whose own chalice was also contained in the safe.

'These chalices are family items and mean so much.'

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