Saturday 17 August 2019

Expectant pause but Helena through to the live shows of The Voice

Helena Bradley Bates.
Helena Bradley Bates.
Helena Bradley Bates.
Helena Bradley Bates performing on The Voice.

By Esther Hayden

Wexford did the double on The Voice on Sunday as Helena Bradley Bates became the second singer from the Model County to make it through to the live shows.

Helena was pitted against Stuart Bond from Team Kian. Kian picked a rock song, Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, for the head to head.

Helena revealed to Kian that she is 15 weeks pregnant after the rehearsal and they realised her due date is late April, right before the final.

Kian joked about himself and Bressie having midwife training with this being the second contestant he's had on his team who has been due a baby during the live shows.

Helena hoped her belief in angels would get her through this round of the competition. Stuart's strong rock voice is a good match for Helena; they both got three chair turns in the blind auditions.

After the performance Bressie, the only judge who didn't turn around for Helena during the blind auditions said 'Helena, you're so quiet and polite and you're such a lady then you start singing and you're the most frightening person.'

Una said that both performances were 'absolutely amazing. It started off soft and emotional and then you both rocked out.' New judge Rachel Stevens said it was 'incredible' and said 'both had very good vocals' adding that Helena's baby 'is definitely gonna be a rocker - Amazing.'

However the final decision was up to Kian Egan who said 'Amazing. Both of you have such amazing qualities you both deserve a place in the final. It's a tough one. I have to go with who I think is going to blow us away week by week and the potential to go all the way.'. Despite the fact she might not be able to perform at the final if she makes it through each week Kian said 'the person I choose for the live final is going to be Helena.'

He joked and asked Helena not to give birth during the live shows.

Helena now joins Sasha Sangri Smith in the live shows which start on March 22 and run until the final on April 26.

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