Saturday 24 August 2019

Expenses are cut to €2,000 per councillor

Annual allowances remain the same at €44,000 in total. EXPENSES for councillors have been reduced to a total of €24,000, or €2,000 per member, but their annual allowances remain the same at a combined total of almost €44,000 for the year including up to €600 a year for mobile phones.

Last year, an extra €6,000 was allowed in the expenses budget for the mayor who previously had an annual allowance of €8,000, but that has been reduced to €2,000.

An allowance of approximately €19,000 has been set aside as an allowance for the mayor and deputy mayor.

On top of allowances and expenses, councillors are paid 'representational payments' or salaries totalling almost €67,000 between them for the year.

Expenses arising from members' training has been left at €6,500, the same as last year.

The allowance for conferences abroad has been reduced from €7,000 in 2010 to €2,500, based on the actual amount of money that was spent last year.

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