Sunday 20 October 2019

Explosive discovery


A NINETY-PLUS year old grenade came to light in Ferns at the weekend â?“ and it contained enough live explosive to go off with a very real bang. The mysterious discovery came to light in a flower bed on the Castle Manor estate in the village on Sunday when it was spotted by a householder out looking after her front garden.

Gardaí were called and a couple of people were evacuated from the house while an Army bomb disposal team was called in from Cork. Officers who attended the scene reckoned that the rusty ordnance must have been abandoned by someone after it was dug up accidentally.

It appeared to date back to the time of the First World War (1914-18) and posed no immediate threat to life as it had no fuse. It was removed by Army personnel to Enniscorthy and then disposed of by way of controlled explosion on Monday. The ancient device contained sufficient explosive material to make a small crater in the earth but otherwise caused no damage. It was in a much corroded condition when it was retrieved from the housing estate in Ferns.

The source of the grenade is not known Gardaí in the village admit that they have no idea how it ended up in the flower bed. However, they were satisfied that there was nothing sinister in the discovery. No further investigation into the matter is pending.

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