Wednesday 18 September 2019

Extra rent due to County Hall delay

ADDITIONAL rent costs being paid by Wexford Borough Council arising from the delay in completing Wexford County Council's headquarters in Newtown Road, will be claimed from the building bond.

Fine Gael councillor Jim Allen asked a council meeting on Monday night how much extra money is involved but was told by director of services Adrian Doyle that this information is 'commercially sensitive.'

' The town clerk negotiated an extension of the lease on very favourable terms,' he said of the old bank building, which the Borough Council has been renting since moving out of the Municipal Buildings, as it awaits a permanent move to the existing County Hall in Spawell Road.

The recent collapse of Pierse Construction, the main contractors on the new County Hall, delayed the completion of the building, on which work resumed recently.

' The person responsible will be the bond holder. It will be part of the claim against the bond holder,' said Mr Doyle.

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