Friday 18 October 2019

Extreme Rhythm have the X-Factor



WEXFORD percussion group Extreme Rhythm hit the big time last weekend when they appeared live on the X-Factor show with pop star Kelly Clarkson.

Afterwards, Kelly tweeted: 'I just had such a fun time on XFactor in London. Thank you to all the Extreme Rhythm boys..' in a message that flew around the world.

The group's appearance on the show, performing a percussion arrangement to Clarkson's current number 1 hit 'Mr. Know It All' caught everyone in Wexford by surprise.

'We couldn't tell anyone in advance for contractual areasons,' said Wexford town man Nicky Bailey, founder of Extreme Rhythm whose members are all drawn from the Wexford area.

The call came through a London agent of Nicky's a fortnight before the show after Clarkson told X Factor organisers that she wanted something spectacular.

'Her people had a look and liked what they saw so it was a case of ringing all the lads up and putting them on high alert,' said Nicky who has travelled all over the world with Extreme Rhythm.

Local audiences can see the drummers in their own spectacular show 'Primal' in Wexford Opera House on January 7.

The X Factor commitment almost prevented Extreme Rhythm from appearing at the official opening of the Opera Festival last Friday night.

Nicky stayed on site at the O2 arena in Wembley while the rest of the group dashed back to Wexford.

' The minute the performance was over they got into a mini van and raced to the airport,' he said.

Nicky and the lads got a warm welcome from the X-Factor crew.

' They couldn't have been nicer. Louis Walsh is such a nice man. He invited us into his dressing room after the show. Sharon Corr was there and Dermot O' Leary. We just all hung out for a while talking about music.'

Extreme Rhythm had a special present for X-Factor presetner O' Leary whose parents are from Wexford. 'We brought him over some Wexford cheddar and a Wexford jersey. He was delighted,' said Nicky.

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