Saturday 20 January 2018

Fall leads Emmet off campaign trail

By Amy Lewis

Emmet is due to get out of hospital today.
Emmet is due to get out of hospital today.

Only days before the general election, Emmet Moloney was forced to abandon the campaign trail when a 'canvassing related injury' left him in hospital.

The independent candidate was admitted to Wexford General following a bad fall in a driveway, which left him with an infection in his hand. Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday (Monday), Emmet said that it 'isn't great timing'.

'I thought it would be simple to fix but the antiobiotics I didn't work and the doctor told me to go to hospital,' said Emmet, who was said he forced to have his wounds lanced. 'I'm feeling positive though because I have a good canvassing team. Even in my absence, they are out there doing the work for me. It puts my mind at rest.'

The candidate has continued to answer calls while in Wexford General. He hopes to continue his campaign when he is let out today.

'With a bit of rest and the IV drip, I'll be fine,' said Emmet. 'I hope to be back out in Castlebridge on Tuesday to continue.'

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