Tuesday 12 December 2017

Families told to remove seats from graves but get last minute reprieve

By Esther Hayden

Grieving Wexford families had been ordered to remove seats from their family graves at Crosstown Cemetery by Wexford County Council.

However the families got a last minute reprieve following the intervention of Mayor Ger Carthy.

The letters were received by families in Wexford town and its environs last week directing them to remove the seats from around their family plots in Crosstown within 14 days.

Mayor Carthy said that he had been contacted by several families who were very distressed at the thoughts of removing the seating.

He said that 'some of the seats have been in place for several years and the nature of the correspondence caused deep distress for the families concerned.

'This was really unacceptable and it has caused a lot of distress. Many people like to spend time sitting by the graves of loved ones in Crosstown and this came like a bolt from the blue.'

'If there is a problem with the seating then it should have been raised with people at the time the seats were put in place or if there is a problem with some of the seats then it should have been dealt with on an individual basis but sending out a letter like this is really not the way to do it.'

Following a meeting with the Director of Services Mayor Carthy said the directive to remove the seat has been withdrawn 'until the matter can be fully discussed by councillors and if there is a difficulty families can be met on an individual basis to discuss any grave where there is a real problem.

'Going forward new rules may be applied because there is a review of the operation of all local authority cemeteries being conducted but this blanket order to families is no way to act', he said.

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