Sunday 20 October 2019

Family's car overturned by vandals

Smith's family car was turned on its side by drunken louts
Smith's family car was turned on its side by drunken louts

A WEXFORD family was stunned after vandals overturned their parked in the street outside their home.

Patricia Smith said she and her husband Brendan were woken by a large bang outside their house in Davitt Road South last week.

'We went outside and found the car had been turned over in the road,' she said.

There was no sign of who had attacked the car.

The gardai were called and helped put the car - an Opel Corsa - back on its wheels.

It was fortunate that no fuel spilled in to the road although Patrica said she was extremely concerned that other cars might have ploughed into her up-ended vehicle.

'It's mad what's happening, said Patricia, a mothert of two working as a home car attendant with the HSE.

She said damage was fortunately not too serious and was mainly scratches and dents. A mirror, which had been repaired following an earlier incident of vandalism, was smashed.

'There is always damage being done, with mirrors being kicked off cars and windscreen wipers bent.

Cllr. Davy Hynes, who lives in the same area, described what was happening 'every weekend' as being very tough on people.

'There are a crowd of gurriers out there and we're all suffering,' he said.

'People, many of them elderly, are being tormented with this,' said the councillor.

He said Davitt Road and neighbouring streets were being used by people heading out of the town centre after a night out.

Patricia said the level of vandalism was so bad that people were no longer repairing their cars with new parts.

'If a mirror is broken, we might just glue it back together, there's no point in spending good money when it will happen again,' she said.

One possible counter to the vandals is the establishment of CCTV, although this has not been fully explored.

'It's desperate that things have got so bad that you can't leave your car parked outside your house,' said Patricia.

The gardai asked that anyone able to offer any assistance into their investigations into the incident should call Wexford Garda Station.

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