Tuesday 17 September 2019

Farmer appeals to dog owners after vicious sheep kill

Two of the sheep killed in the dog attack
Two of the sheep killed in the dog attack

A sheep farming family, based in the Ferrycarrig area, is appealing to people to keep an eye on their dogs after a vicious attack which saw three of their sheep killed and nine injured.

Wilfred and Ann Jones had a flock of almost 70 sheep grazing on land in Alma, in Park. All but one of the sheep was in lamb, with the majority due to give birth within the next month.

Dog attacks on sheep are usually more prevalent during lambing season but the Jones' were shocked to discover the devastating scene on their land on Friday morning. Ms Jones explained that her husband had driven out that morning to check on the flock.

'He found one in a drain and thought it might have just turned over and fallen, but when he drove across the field, there was wool and blood everywhere and he found the rest of them. We think it happened it happened early Friday morning because the dead sheep were still warm when he found them.'

Three of the animals were so badly mauled that there was nothing left to stitch them up. Nine others were badly injured and underwent veterinary treatment. The remainder of the flock, she said, had been terrified by the incident and they found one or two that had fled from the area and turned up near the rugby club.

Ms Jones estimated that they had suffered damages and loss of well in excess of €1,000. They have moved the entire flock to a new grazing location in case the offending dogs return.

'It was a really vicious attack and I would say there was more than one dog. Whoever's dog or dogs did it, it should be fairly obvious to the owners as there'll be wool in their teeth and blood on their fur.'

The couple contacted both the Gardai and the IFA and have asked anyone with information to contact the Gardai on 053 91 65200. So far, no one has come forward to take responsibility for the incident.

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