Tuesday 15 October 2019

Farmer makes The New York Times

GLYNN farmer Sean Kiely is enjoying a moment of fame after a photo of him using an iphone mounted on his tractor, appeared in the international edition of the New York Times.

The photograph accompanied an article by the Wexford-based writer and arts promoter Helena Mulkerns who hosts Caca Milis Cabaret in the Arts Centre.

Helena wrote about the recent Technovate conference in Wexford Opera House , organised by Brendan Ennis, urging small businesses to grab online opportunities and expand their outlook abroad.

The conference was addressed by executives from the Irish diaspora working in Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, Cisco and Linkedin.

Helena suggested a new symbol, the Salmon of Knowledge to replace the boomtime Celtic Tiger brand as Irish shopkeepers and farmers embrace technology.

Quoted in the piece is Chrissie Wallace of Wallaces of Wellingtonbridge, a 70-year old rural store which has invested in a consultant to develop a comprehensive online strategy for the business.

Sean Kiely talks about using social media to combat the isolation of his work.

'I've rigged up my iphone to my tractor, in order to stay in touch on Facebook or Twitter throught he day,' he told New York Times readers.

The article which appeared on April 15 was published in 350 countries with an estimated 6 million readers.

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