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Father and son robbed houses and sold goods

A WEXFORD town resident who carried out a spate of burglaries with his father in South County Dublin said he did it 'for the buzz' as he was addicted to adrenaline.

Marcin Jakubiec, aged 32, and his father Boguslaw Jakubiec, aged 54, are to be sentenced later after they pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the offences committed between June 2011 and April 2013.

Jakubiec Jr carried out over a dozen burglaries, while his father, who acted as the driver, admitted involvement in three offences.

Both men have an address at Carcur Cottages in Wexford.

The court heard that the pair would break into empty homes mid-morning, stealing a range of items including jewellery, laptops, cameras and mountain and racing bikes, and go straight to the Ilac Centre on Moore Street where they would sell it all for cash.

Father-of-one Jakubiec Jr told gardaí his nickname was the 'Black Bag Man' due to the distinctive black bag in which he put stolen property.

'It's like two different lives. I take stuff, go sell the stuff, then go back to my family and try to forget about it. I do it for the money but also for the buzz. I'm addicted to adrenaline. I feel very guilty about it,' he told gardaí after one arrest.

Garda Declan Hartley told Fiona McGowan BL, prosecuting, that he was called to the scene of one burglary at the Bridge Apartments in Shankill on January 2 last year.

The accused men admitted stealing all the residents' jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings, gold and silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, two laptops and an iphone with a total estimated value of €13,000.

On another occasion, the two men were spotted on CCTV leaving Glebe Hall Apartments in Dun Laoghaire, the son carrying his distinctive black bag.

They were arrested by gardaí and identified themselves on CCTV.

On February 2 last year, Jakubiec Jr burgled a house at Thornwood Estate in Booterstown, stealing a large amount of jewellery including 20 necklaces, with a total value of €20,000.

The following day, he broke the lock in the neighbouring apartment and ransacked it, taking up to 50 items of jewellery including 24 carat gold, pearls and diamond rings valued at €15,000.

An artist living at The Park, Aikens Village in Sandyford has his house burgled by the pair, and one of his sculptures valued at €12,000 was stolen along with a pair of gold cuff links which were later recovered at Jakubiec Jr's girlfriend's house.

Very little of the stolen items were recovered.

Gardaí said Jakubiec Jr was shown the addresses of places he had burgled on Google maps, but that although he remembered some places, street names didn't mean anything to him.

Both men were arrested and have been in custody since May 23, 2103.

Boguslaw Jakubiec has 18 previous convictions, including three for burglary, and that he is known to gardaí by two different names.

His son Marcin has 38 previous convictions, all for road traffic offences.

The court heard that the pair was fully cooperative with gardaí and that they never broke into a house with anyone in it, always checking by knocking on the door, listening and smelling to see if food was being cooked inside.

Pieter Le Vert BL, defending Marcin Jakubiec, said his client is a qualified stonemason, mechanic and metal worker who also served a year in Poland in the armed forces.

He worked a number of jobs in Ireland before setting up a garage and car valeting business in Wexford with his father, which went under when the economy turned.

He began using cocaine in 2007 and developed a habit and a drug debt. He began burgling to pay off the drug debt, but once the debt was swiftly dealt with he continued to steal, becoming addicted to the adrenaline.

He stopped using cocaine in 2008.

Mr Le Vert said his client wanted to apologise to all of the victims of his thefts, recognising not only that he had taken property but that he had destroyed their sense of security.

'I want to say a big sorry. I know it's not enough. I know it's not just the property, I also broke (sic) their privacy. I do really bad things,' Jakubiec Jr told gardaí.

The court heard that since he has been in custody, he has been working with the Red Cross to educate prisoners on health issues and that he also took part in a major charity food drive.

Remy Farrell SC, defending Boguslaw Jakubiec, said his client worked in the mines in Poland until he had to stop because of a serious arm injury.

He came to Ireland in 2005 and worked with his son in the garage until it folded.

Mr Farrell said his client had a 'weakness for alcohol' but that he took part in the thefts for money, 'just to live.'.

He said Jakubiec Sr has been a 'model prisoner' in Cloverhill, where he works in the laundry and has done a course in English language.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring remanded both men in continuing custody until December 12.

She also ordered education reports and further reports from the governor of Cloverhill.

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