Tuesday 22 October 2019

FATHER Both sides in court bound to the peace

A WEXFORD man and the two teenagers who accused him of assaulting them have been bound to the peace for three years.

Stephen Whitty Snr, formerly of 16 Michael J Sinnott Drive, but now living in another part of Wexford with his family, was charged with assaulting the teenagers at the Castlebridge housing estate on the night of July 13, 2008.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla heard two very different sides of the story on Monday and considered the matter overnight before delivering his verdict yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

'It's quite clear from the evidence yesterday that the full truth was not told by a great many witnesses,' said Judge O Buachalla.

'Taking all aspects of the matter into context I'm going to order that the defendant and the two injured parties be bound to the peace and be of good behaviour for three years from this date,' said Judge O Buachalla.

Whitty was in court yesterday, but the two teenagers were not. They must enter into the probation bonds (in the amount of €1,000) within seven days.

Eva Lalor, for Stephen Whitty Snr, said on Monday evening that the evidence of the teenagers had been 'completely incredible'.

'They were involved in a campaign of anti-social behaviour and would not be of good character in any event,' said Ms Lalor.

She pointed out that her client is a very big man and if, as was alleged, he had been beating, kicking and stamping on the heads of teenage boys it would not have resulted in a situation where the Gardai who responded merely spoke to those at the scene and left without making any arrests or where the teenagers only received superficial injuries.

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