Friday 16 November 2018

Ferry bus is ferry bad for harbour

PASSENGERS on ferries entering Ireland via Rosslare Europort are being bussed into the terminal because of the poor condituion of the gangway.

Cllr Larry O'Brien recently had occasion to take a ferry and was shocked to see the gangway closed.

'It hasn't been working for two months and there are 700 people coming off those ferries. They are being bussed off the boat to the terminal,' he said.

Cllr O'Brien said the council needs to talk to the port manager as it reflects badly on the county.

'We are trying to promote Rosslare. Can you imagine what this looks like for the county.'

Chairman Cllr Paddy Kavanagh said it's probably the same bus that was used years ago. 'It never got out of first gear.'

Cllr Malcolm Byrne suggested the council hold one of its monthly meetings on a ferry. 'If the bus is big enough,' Cllr Kavanagh joked. He expressed concern that it might be seen as a 'jolly' for councillors or a 'booze cruise'.

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