Thursday 12 December 2019

Finally some progress on pathway at Clifford Terrace

The broken and uneven path outside the houses at Clifford Terrace
The broken and uneven path outside the houses at Clifford Terrace

Pádraig Byrne

After more than four years of waiting, residents of Clifford Terrace have been assured that work is to commence that will allow for vital resurfacing to take place outside their homes.

In recent years, the pathway outside the houses at Clifford Terrace has fallen into a shocking state of disrepair. On one occasion an elderly resident took a nasty fall while trying to navigate the uneven and loose pathway outside the homes.

When the matter was first raised with the council some four years ago, residents were informed that nothing could be done until Irish Water had undertaken the replacement of lead pipes there, as the surface would have to come up anyway.

Now, however, it has been confirmed that work to replace the shared lead service connections supplying 1-13 Clifford Street is scheduled to commence Monday, September 2 and will take approximately three weeks to complete. The works will include full resurfacing of the shared area outside numbers 7-13 Clifford Street.

Having worked on the issue for some time, Mayor George Lawlor was delighted to see some progress made and paid tribute to the persistence of the residents.

'I've been banging on about this for a long time now,' he said. 'When I first raised the issue over four years ago, I was told that the council were waiting for Irish Water to replace the lead pipes. Most recently, I was told that the council would not be touching it as it "was not taken in charge by the council". This is both unbelievable and ridiculous given that this is one of Wexford's oldest streets built inside the boundary of the historic Town Wall.'

'I'm delighted to finally see some progress being made though and great credit is due to resident Aidan Moynihan and his persistence in getting things to this point. It's a disaster that it's taken so long.'

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