Monday 16 September 2019

Fined €1,500 after building own house


WEXFORD COUNTY Council have warned a man who 'cannot afford' to pay them planning levies that his penalty will increase by the day if he doesn't pay up what he owes.

Lee Broaders, from Knockhowlin, Tomhaggard, owes the Council €3,500 in planning contributions for a house he built for himself on his father's land.

Wexford District Court fined him €1,500, as well as imposing expenses of €336 and legal costs of € 800. He was given four months to pay the fines.

He was also ordered to pay the Council the full €3,500 he owes within the next 16 weeks or face daily penalties.

Noreen Cummins, the planning enforcement officer with Wexford County Council, told Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla that a warning letter and enforcement notice in respect of the planning levies had been served on the defendant in June 2008.

The defendant's father had contacted the Council, she said, and told her that he didn't have the money to either 'finish the house or pay the levies'.

She said that there had been an indication that Broaders might pay the levies in instalments but so far had failed to do so.

The planning permission granted to Lee Broaders was one that was 'usually granted to people who would use the dwelling as their principal primary residence'.

Wexford County Council sought, and were granted, a conviction in the case.

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