Sunday 20 October 2019

Fire truck being repaired after crashing into ditch



ONE of Wexford's fire brigades is in the garage for repairs at the moment after it crashed into a ditch on a slippy bend as it made its way to an accident in Kilmore Quay last Thursday.

Wexford Fire Service were called to attend the accident at Ballytiege, Kilmore Quay, at 4.15 p.m. by the Gardai. Two cars had collided there and one woman was removed to Wexford General Hospital following the accident.

Two fire tenders made their way to the accident. The emergency tender went first negotiated the bend, about two miles outside the village on the Wexford side, with no trouble, but the second tender, which followed it, crashed into the ditch at the same spot.

A spokesman for the fire service said it quickly came back out of the ditch and onto the road again and neither of the two firefighters in it at the time were injured.

The spokesman said there was some diesel on the road and it had also just started to rain at the time, making conditions even trickier.

The two firefighters got out and cleaned the debris from the ditch and other offending material from the road before continuing to Kilmore Quay to join their colleagues at the scene of the accident.

The diesel spill, suspected to have come from a truck with a full tank taking the same bend, was reported to Wexford County Council, who later cleaned it up, and there were no further reports of accidents there afterwards.

The fire tender is currently in the garage. where it will get a new step and have its front bumper repaired. The spokesman pointed out that there are three 'spare' tenders so there is no issue with out being out of action for a short space of time.

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