Monday 14 October 2019

Firefighters battle Mulgannon blaze

Firefighters battle the shed fire in Mulgannon
Firefighters battle the shed fire in Mulgannon

Residents of Mulgannon could only look on as members of the Wexford Fire Service battled a blaze in a bid to prevent it spreading to neighbouring properties on Saturday morning.

A shed to the rear of a house went up in flames shortly before 10 a.m. on Saturday morning and huge flames could be seen as members of the Fire Service arrived shortly after. They immediately set about quenching the blaze, but had their work cut out for them as a result of the strong winds.

These winds carried a major threat for neighbours, who watched on fearing that the flames would reach their homes. Cars were moved from driveways as a precaution and trees that separated the house involved and another house to the rear went up in a matter of minutes. The flames then began to spread to a second shed as fire-fighters made their way through the debris with hoses, hoping to gain control.

After nearly an hour of fighting their way through the flames and debris, the fire service did manage to quench the blaze and it was left to the owners to count the cost. Things could have been far worse, however, and everyone involved was thankful that the flames didn't spread to the nearby houses and were grateful to the fire service for their tireless work.

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