Sunday 18 August 2019

'Fishermen annoyed at Guillemot removal'

FISHERMEN are disgusted that the Guillemot maritime museum in Kilmore Quay was removed without consultation, said to a Gorey councillor.

Cllr Robert Ireton may have come late to the issue – the former lightship was dismantled several months ago – but that didn't stop him complaining at last week's council meeting.

He said he was down in Kilmore Quay recently and was surprised to find the historic ship gone.

Cllr Ireton said local fishermen were particularly annoyed that a unique light on the vessel was cut up. Other areas would have been delighted to take the light, which was quite rare, he said.

Cllr Jim Moore, who lives in Kilmore Quay, reminded him that the Guillemot was privately owned. He said the ship was dismantled for reasons of public safety and local groups were consulted.

'If only Cllr. Ireton had known about it, he might have bought it, he added.

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