Thursday 14 December 2017

Fitness guru calls for health checks in estate



A FORMER Irish international athlete is calling for immediate health checks in Liam Mellows Park where he believes ' too many' people are contracting killer cancers.

Fitness guru Kevin Cogley, himself a resident of the estate, has started a campaign demanding that a full health survey be carried out on the former local authority estate where he believes the instances of cancer are out of control.

He has highlighted an alarming number of cancer related deaths in the Wexford town housing estate and believes it is time that the area gets a full health check up.

' Way too many people are getting it (cancer) and dying from it, so I'm sure we're not just imagining it,' he said this week, after learning that another neighbour had just been diagnosed with tumorous growths.

On Sunday Kevin, who is a former international sprinter for Ireland, asked on Facebook for support to get the Wexford town housing estate 'checked out'.

Within minutes his comments had attracted concern from dozens of other Wexford people, who had chimed in with the debate and offered support for any campaign.

'I got an email from one former resident who had statistics for the area. He said 120 people had died from cancer in the area. There are only 150 houses in Liam Mellows Park,' he said.

Kevin wants a Radon check in each of the houses in Liam Mellows but also would like to see other factors examined.

'I don't know what is the cause, but I'd like to see over head power lines checked out and ground water. That estate is built opposite a lot of factories. It would be nice to know that there's no pollution that's a cause,' he said.

Kevin has been in touch with local Councillors about the issue, but also hopes to host a public meeting to discuss the problem. ' Cancer has touched so many families in Liam Mellows Park. There are so many widow women living there. It would be great to get the place checked out, ' he said.

He added that there had previous been objections to people suggesting that Liam Mellows may be a 'cancer cluster' , as the concept devalued house prices in the area.

'If something is not done about it, people could end up being worried about more than the price of their properties,' he said.

Sinn Fein Councillor Anthony Kelly has added his support for the campaign, and plans to table a motion on the topic before Wexford Borough Council.

'I would support the residents in what they are doing. I would suggest that they get together and form a lobby, and then see where they can take the campaign from there,' he said.

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