Friday 24 November 2017

Five sets of twins among the junior infants at John's Road

By amy lewis

Twins Caitlin and Olivia Byrne enjoying their first day in their new school.
Twins Caitlin and Olivia Byrne enjoying their first day in their new school.

Teachers were seeing double at the Mercy School on John's Road in Wexford when five sets of twins began their school journey on the same day last week.

The ten children joined with 50 new classmates for their first day in Junior Infants, attracting plenty of attention from their older peers. This is the largest number of sets of twins that the school has ever had in one year group.

'It is very unusual,' said Principal Pat Gately. 'There has never been more than one set in any given year.'

Among the children are two sets of identical twins, the Costigan-McDonalds and the Deans. There are also two sets of female twins, the Byrnes and the Welnas, and the Murphys, who are a mixed set. All of the children are living in the Wexford town area.

Each child is in the same class with their sibling, a matter that, according to Mr. Gately, was left up to their parents.

'We gave parents the choice,' he said. 'Sometimes siblings are better off in different groups. When they're that young, it's good to have them all together.'

Mr. Gately mentioned that the twins had all settled in very well, saying that they are 'just like everyone else'.

'The big excitement for us this year is the brand new playground,' he said. 'All of the children are getting great enjoyment from it.'

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