Friday 15 December 2017

Forget a second home? Expect a triple charge!

PROPERTY HOLDERS who neglected to declare second homes will be charged more than three times the original 'non principal private residence' charge it was revealed last week. Wexford County Council director of finance Annette O'Neill warned that the local authority was making every effort to round up those who had not registered their NPPR's.

Cllr. George Lawlor expressed sympathy for people who found themselves in hardship when presented with such bills. He mentioned one case where a family had emigrated to Australia in search of work.

In another, a family moved from Wexford to rented accommodation Mullingar for employment purposes and found themselves liable to pay the NPPR on their original home, which they were attempting to rent out.

Ms. O'Neill confirmed that, under the rules laid down by Government, the county council is not permitted to take payment in instalments.

The finance director did her sums and, allowing for penalties, reckoned that householders who had neglected to pay the €800 due since the NPPR was introduced now owed €2,480.

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