Tuesday 20 August 2019

Former hotel workers win court order – but no money yet

SIX FORMER hotel workers went to the District Court on Monday looking for endorsement of their claims for redundancy payments from Wyndham Palms Ltd., with a Dublin address at 110 Amiens Street, who were the operators of the closeddown St Helen's Hotel in Rosslare. The sextet all came before Judge William Hamill armed with decisions in their favour from an employment appeals tribunal.

First into the witness box was Daiva Barnauskine of St. Ivers, Broadway. She assured the judge that the firm had been notified by registered post of the proceedings. She also confirmed that the order of the tribunal had not yet been complied with. She felt that, though the hotel where she worked was now closed, the company was still in existence. The judge drew on his powers under Section 91(A) of the 1994 Terms of Employment Act to make out an order directing Wyndham Palms to comply with the direction of the appeals tribunal.

Next up were Patrick Doyle of 34 Greenore Park, Rosslare and then Louise Ellard of Bundarrig Broadway who received similar orders. They were succeeded by Suzanne Finn of 25 Whiterock Avenue in Pembrokestown who asked: 'Does that mean we will get our money?'

'I have no idea,' replied the judge. He pointed out that the firm might have no assets. He noted that company dealings with their former employers were now being handled through accountant Hilary Hayden. He warned the applicants that the accountant would have first call on any money being divided up.

Joan Murphy of Allenstown, Broadway said she presumed Wyndham Palms Ltd still existed, though she admitted she had no proof. The judge advised her to ring the Companies Office and check. Last of the six to be given her order was Colette Roche of 15 Castle Meadows in Murrintown.

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