Friday 17 November 2017

Four little bundles of joy welcomed to Wexford on Christmas Day

By Amy Lewis

Iwona Dabrowska from Clonard Village in Wexford with baby Wiktor.
Iwona Dabrowska from Clonard Village in Wexford with baby Wiktor.
Helen Galway from Adamstown with baby Eve, the first baby born at Wexford Hospital Christmas Day.
Vera Kierans from Saltmills, pictured at Wexford Hospital with her baby Aoife.
Marion Hughes, Orchard Court, St. Michael's Road, Gorey, with baby Marci.

Four Wexford mothers received a special Christmas gift when they gave birth to their little bundles of joy in the maternity ward of Wexford General on Christmas Day.

The first arrival of the day was little Eve Galway, who came into the world at 6.30 a.m. on Christmas morning. Mother Helen Galway from Adamstown was thrilled with her healthy new baby, who weighed in at 2.3 k.g.

Polish native Iwona Dabrowska also had an early start when she welcomed her son Wiktor into the family at 8.11 a.m. on Christmas morning. She said that herself and the new arrival have been feeling really good since they returned home the following day. Baby Wiktor, who weighed in at 3.5 kg when he was born, is Iwona's second son.

'We didn't expect him to arrive until January 4 so it was a bit of a surprise,' laughed the Clonard Village resident who has been living in Wexford for over ten years. 'He's lovely and we are delighted with him.'

'He is sleeping and eating very well so that is the main thing.'

Iwona and the new addition returned home on St Stephen's Day where they enjoyed some belated Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

Marion Hughes from St Michael's Road in Gorey was pleasantly surprised when her first baby Maci Hughes arrived at 6.02 p.m. on December 25. Although she was not due to give birth until January 5 next year, the new mother said that her 2.4 kg new-born is extremely healthy.

'I am delighted with her,' she said. 'She is doing really well and sleeping a lot which is great. You would hardly even know that she is here'

Though she didn't return home until St Stephen's Day, Marion was lucky enough to get the chance to enjoy her Christmas dinner before she went into hospital.

The final proud mum of the day was Vera Kierans from Saltmills who was delighted to give birth to her baby Aoife Kierans at 5.12 p.m. Little Aoife weighed a healthy 4.21 kg when she was welcomed into the world by her adoring new mum in Wexford General Hospital.

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