Monday 15 October 2018

Fourteen puppies seized at Rosslare Europort

The puppies discovered in the boot of a car at Rosslare Europort.

By David Tucker and Sara Gahan

Fourteen puppies were seized at Rosslare Europort on Thursday night shortly before they were due to be taken on board a ferry to Wales.

Brigid Cullen, from the WSPCA, said the pups - mainly cavachons and cockapoos - were discovered in the boot of a car in three plastic boxes, tied up with yellow ropes.

Brigid said she and inspector Cabrini Desmond, alerted to the dogs' plight by the gardai, took them back to Wexford where they are being cared for.

'They were dirty and some have sore eyes. There was half a bag of greyhound nuts with them. They are now all being fostered until they are adopted and have been checked by the vets, wormed, and vaccinated,' said Brigid.

The puppies were being exported without pet passports.

The puppies will be available for adoption this Thursday (October 26) if the owner does not come forward to claim them.

'We have over 500 people on our homecheck list so once the puppies are available for adoption we will be visiting all the homes of those interested,' said Brigid.

Brigid said the list will decrease over time as they do not give puppies away if the occupants of the house are at work all day, live in an apartment or do not have an enclosed garden.

Once the 14 families have been chosen by WSPCA, and after this Thursday (October 26), they can collect their new puppy in three weeks time.

The puppies will have received their second vaccination and will be micro-chipped before leaving for their new home.

Brigid said the donations of food, blankets and money has been phenomenal and they would also like to thank Celtic Linen and Wright Insurance.

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