Tuesday 12 December 2017

Freddie and Liam: polls apart

POLLS. They're everywhere these days. Every list you can think of has been done, and more than once: from the greatest drummer to the worst album cover. They're rarely an accurate reflection of public taste however, because the results depend on where the poll is carried out, and who is being polled.

London and Manchester radio station Xfm's latest poll is a case in point.

The music station abviously appeals to a certain age group and music fan base.

So their list of the '20 Greatest Frontmen Of All Time', printed last week, should really be called the '20 Greatest Frontmen Of All Time According to Xfm Listeners, Largely Aged Under 30 and Mainly Indie Rock Fans'.

Xfm's poll lists Liam Gallagher at No. 1. He outpolled Freddie Mercury by two votes to one. I don't doubt the former Oasis frontman should be in there somewhere, but ' The Greatest'? Surely not. Even those who never liked Queen would have to acknowledge that Mercury's stagecraft and sheer presence far outgunned Gallagher's hands clasped behind the back style.

The Xfm top ten also includes: 3, Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan; 4, Dave Grohl; 5, Matt Bellamy of Muse; 6, Brandon Flowers; 7, Morrissey; 8, Jim Morrison; 9, Kurt Cobain; and 10, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.

It's a good line-up, for sure, but Bono (like him or loath him) is generally regarded as one of the greats, and doesn't even figure in the top twenty.

And there's no room anywhere in the list for The Who's Roger Daltrey, Michael Stipe. Johnny Rotten, Sting, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Axl Rose, James Hetfield of Metallica, Anthony Keidis of the Chilis, Paul Mccartney, Roger Waters, Ozzy Osbourne, David Byrne of Talking Heads, AC/DC'S Bon Scott, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, the Pixies' Frank Black, Bob Seger, Robert Smith of The Cure, and too many more to mention.

Here then, for what's it's worth, is the list of Greatest Frontmen from someone who doesn't listen to Xfm: 1. Freddie Mercury 2. Mick Jagger 3. Bruce Springsteen (with the E Street

Band) 4. Iggy Pop 5. Ozzy Osbourne 6. Bono 7. Steven Tyler 8. Axl Rose 9. Robert Plant 10. Bob Marley

You'll notice neither list includes any

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