Thursday 19 September 2019

Free admission for kids for Wexford Day


HISTORY enthusiasts are set to descend on the Irish National Heritage park this weekend for a two day celebration of the re-opening of the ringfort which had been closed since 2010 whilst a re-development project was underway at the park.

Having first opened in June 1987, the park is this month celebrating its 25th anniversary. Quarter of a century later it would seem the park is going from strength to strength as it gears up to unveil the result of an intensive two year restorative project.

Renovations at the park have included works to restore the early medieval ringfort and create new attractions suitable for all of the family.

The ringfort has been almost completely rebuilt and surrounded with a massive timber rampart which was built using 400 Irish oaks.

Inside, the two 'old' buildings have been rethatched in different styles, one using a wheat straw and the other, reed.

A third building has also been added to the existing facilities. This is structure is intended for use as a demonstration area.

The main house is currently being furnished with bed cubicles, hearth and cooking equipment.

The purpose of which is to facilitate people staying overnight at the ringfort. Staff at the park describe this new development as 'an utterly unique experience of living in the past'.

Similarly, a major new interactive and adventure centre at the park has been created to encourage children to engage with history in a fun and enjoyable way.

Families can take the opportunity to have a go in a coracle - small round boats designed for fishing.

This weekend to celebrate the new developments groups of professional Viking Age Re-enactors from all over the country will gather in the park for a weekend of craft work and combat displays.

'Wexford Day' which is due to take place this Sunday, 24 June, has been ear-marked as a special day for children.

Kids admission to the park is free on the day and a schedule of activities has been planned. The highlight of which will be a magic show with Gandi the Magician.

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