Monday 22 January 2018

French family upset over 'new' remarks

By David Tucker

The late Rebecca French.
The late Rebecca French.

THE family of the late Rebecca French say they can't understand why the man who witnessed her killing and helped dispose of her body has chosen to again raise the issue of circumstances surrounding her tragic death.

'To be honest there is nothing that we didn't already know,' said Rachel French, following the publication of an interview with Patrick O'Connor in the Irish Daily Star in which he 'finally admitted his part in her brutal death'.

'We can't understand the reasons behind it, and we just want to be left alone, the kids need to get on with their lives,' Rachel told this newspaper.

The Daily Star quoted O'Connor as saying:

'I'd like to completely and 100 per cent apologise deeply from the heart to Rebecca's family. What happened should not have happened, but I could do nothing to stop it. I was powerless to stop it.'

Rachel said it was not the first time he had 'apologised.'

'He passed a letter to us through his solicitor during the court case. What he's doing now is too little, too late. He could have taken steps earlier in the process. What he's saying now has no relevance to us really,' she said.

Asked about the impact on her personally of O'Connors remarks, Rachel said: 'The only time it affects me is when it affects the children and I try to explain why its back in the news again.

'Perhaps he has an ulterior motive, but it does nothing but drag everything back with the constant comments on social media.. the oldest child is a teenager and has her life to get on with. The family is not impressed and doesn't think much of what has been said,' said Rachel.

O'Connor was sentenced to 10 years in prison for impeding the investigation into the killing of mum of two Rebecca in 2009, but was released last year.

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