Sunday 20 October 2019

Friends reunited after 50-year gap

Christina and Breda
Christina and Breda

Two childhood friends who had not seen each other for 50 years were re-united thanks to an appeal in the Wexford People.

UK resident Christine Hurl (née Murphy), whose father Kevin was a Wexfordman, was keen to get in touch with Breda Murphy, who she knew as a young girl. But she had no idea whether she still lived in Wexford or if she were residing elsewhere.

As a young girl, Breda lived with Christine's grandmother at 54 Lower John Street, Wexford, but she moved away in the 1960s.

All Christine remembered was that Breda's birthday was in February and she was around the same age as her. She also learned later that she had married a Paschal Murphy.

Josie Roche from Hill Street read the piece and made contact with Christine through local historian Hilary Murphy. Josie was able to report that Breda did indeed marry Paschal Murphy and was living at 103 Bishopswater.

When Christine came to Wexford she went to visit Breda and they had a fantastic time talking about old times. The pair were thrilled to see each other after such a long time and vowed to stay in touch.

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