Sunday 20 October 2019

From an overgrown garden to FAB space

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What a difference a week can make! Having spent a total of five days working on the garden at the back of the FAB Community House in Ferndale, a team of volunteers sat in the mid afternoon sun on Friday, enjoying a well earned drink and viewing their work.

The transformation of the garden has been nothing short of remarkable, coming a long way in a relatively short period of time. Just over a week ago, the garden was just a disused space, overgrown with weeds and long grass.

Now with its planters, pathways and pebble features, it is a place that the whole community can benefit from, enjoy and be proud of.

On a sunny day, like Friday, the garden is its own little slice of heaven and is a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the fine weather, as project manager Ned Tench will tell you, having completed the last of the hard, structural work.

The Garden, which was The Wexford People's chosen project for the 'Get Involved 2013' campaign has been a huge success, not only for those involved, but for the whole community.

The idea behind 'Get Involved' is that 51 local newspapers from across the country become champions or coordinators of a community project to create a sense of pride and motivation in each paper's catchment area. Having seen first hand all of the work that the FAB Community and Family Resource Centre has done in the area, the FAB Community House was an obvious choice.

Each newspaper was then tasked with enlisting the help of local businesses and volunteers from within the community.

Traynor's Hardware in Wexford town were good enough to supply a lot of the materials that the team required, Boggan Sand & Gravel in Drinagh provided them with concrete and sand to put down lovely pathways in the garden, while Castle Stone donated 5 tonnes of ocean blue pebbles to really finish the look of the garden off and Trinity Hire provided the use of a power washer for that final tidy up.

It wasn't just companies who contributed to the project either. Amy Murphy donated a set of brand new solar lights, while other generous benefactors provided a PVC door and some plants for the house.

The garden is not only much better looking than it was before, but it is now much easier to maintain too. Grass has been replaced with pebbles and pathways and soon the beautiful planters and trellises will host some wonderful flowers, ensuring that the garden looks even better in the weeks to come.

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