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Sky Sports.................1 Corporation..............0

April 1996

The 'Sky' is not the limit when it comes to the debating chamber of Wexford Corporation, as councillors demonstrated on Monday night.

As Manchester United and Newcastle United battled it out in the big FA Premiership match, disgruntled members turned the critical spotlight on Sky TV's monopoly of such big sporting events.

And the some of those who supported an anti-Sky motion from Cllr. Peter Roche did a very strange thing.

They rushed out to the pub to watch the end of the game on the very station they had just been criticising!

Smoking Corpo members are allowed a recess to have a cigarette half-way through their meetings. And after puffing out in the corridor on Monday night, they arrived back in and huffed away in support of their Labour colleague's stand on 'chequebook TV coverage'.

But it was while they were on their ciggie break that they agreed to speed up their contributions on the remainder of the agenda, so they could see the finish of the Man United/Newcastle match which was being shown exclusively on Sky.

Back in the chamber, they unanimously agreed with Cllr Roche, who blasted Sky for denying house-bound and unemployed people the chance to watch major sporting events.

Elderly and sick people couldn't get out to the pub to watch a match, he said, while those who are unemployed couldn't afford to do so.

Cllr Dominic Kiernan seconded the motion. Alderman Gus Byrne spoke for two seconds and then everyone agreed that the Minister for Communications should be contacted about the matter.

The remaining motions were dealt with in double-quick time and then, for a goodly number of the members and officials, it was down to the pub to catch the end of the match!

John was a winner with local punters

April 1988

When a racing tipster names a horse and then announces 'that's the dog for today', one would be forgiven for thinking that his advice might be a little bit suspect.

But Channel 4's John McCrirrick is no ordinary tipster and he certainly does not act in an ordinary manner. And those who treated his tip for Bramble Shack with contempt last week turned out to be the losers themselves, because the horse obliged at 5/2.

McCrirrick was on a trip to three of the Paddy Power betting offices in the county last Thursday, opening the Wexford branch and paying visits to the premises at Gorey and Enniscorthy.

McCrirrick and his party were travelling by helicopter. The aim was obviously to get around the county as quickly as possible. But it didn't quite work out like that, because they actually lost their way on the journey from Gorey to Enniscorty.

Instead of dropping off in the Cathedral town, the 'copter actually landed in Ferns, and the group had left the aircraft before they realised their mistake.

'Now we know the reception that aliens will get if they ever land in Ferns!' declared McCrirrick when he eventually arrived at Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy.

He created quite a stir amongst the locals with a big turnout of women for the occasion. And the TV tipster engaged in much friendly banter inside the betting shop before starting a lesson in his customary 'Tic Tac' signing.

McCrirrick also had time for questions from the attendance and even this most celebrated punter had to admit that you just don't make money from backing horses.

And he had a little advice for punters in relation to 'named horses' combination bets which have become widespread lately.

'I never trust bookies' horses,' he said. 'Whey they put the names of the horses they want you to back up on the wall, I always think there must be something wrong.'

Few punters would disagree with him on that point.

Enniscorthy and Gimont to unite

April 1975

In Easter Week 1916, The Athenaeum in Enniscorthy was the headquarters of the freedom fighters of County Wexford. This afternoon (Easter Thursday), fifty-nine years later, it will be the venue of another historic event. Enniscorty and the southern French town of Gimont will be 'twinned' there in a formal ceremony.

Representing the people of Enniscorthy will be the First Citizen, Mr Sean Sheahan, and the members and officials of the Urban Council and various other interests.

Some of the members of the community of Gimont, their mayor Monsieur M. Dubarry, and the French Cultural Attaché, M. Jacques Gunthier, will also be in attendance.

Representing political, social, cultural and sporting interests of their native place, the visitors make the journey specifically for the ceremonies. They arrived in Ireland on Wednesday and were received at Aras an Uachtarán by the President of Ireland, Cearbhaill O Dálaigh.

The idea of 'twinning' came from the French and it arose out of the holidaying students between the two communities over the past decade. Organiser here was Madame L. Duffy, Weafer Street, who with Messrs. Sean Sheahan (Chairman) and Donal Minnock (Town Clerk) have made all arrangements for today's ceremony.

Wexford players are off to Zimbabwe

April 1996

Polocrosse players at Horetown Equestrian Centre are riding high at the moment as they prepare for their first international tour - to Zimbabwe.

A number of the regular players at Horetown have made it onto the Polocrosse Ireland team that will head for Africa on April 26, which isn't surprising as the sport was first introduced to Ireland through the Wexford centre.

Since Horetown imported and launched the Australian sport into Ireland in 1990, a total of 15 centres across the country have taken up the game.

The Irish team's tour to Zimbabwe will last three weeks, the main international contest against Zimbabwe being played in the middle week.

According to Ivor Young of Horetown Equestrian Centre, the majority of players on the Irish team hail from County Wexford. 'We have some of the top level players in the country,' said Ivor, who adds that in total, 15 people will travel to Zimbabwe.

He adds that the sport is becoming hugely popular in Horetown and finds that people who have played hurling or tennis before are naturals at the game.

'Single girls losing out in hunt for jobs'

April 1976

A Labour member of Enniscorthy Urban Council hit out at the Minister for Labour at the monthly meeting of the Council on Monday night, when he claimed he was discriminating against single girls.

Mr Morgan Dunne was speaking on correspondence relating to pay equality for women in the workplace.

'Michael O'Leary has gone mad on this equal pay thing,' said Mr Dunne. 'At the same time, every job in the country is being held on to by married women. There was a time when single girls could look forward to employment with Local Authorities, but now that married women can keep these jobs, only two or three positions become vacant annually.

'It means single girls no longer have a chance of employment, despite money being expended on their education. Married women, whose husbands include weathly farmers, are keeping jobs and single girls are being forced to emigrate. The onl jobs they can get here are as baby-sitters for the working married women who could be making as much as £40 each week,' he said.

Mr Patrick Wildes said he agreed entirely with Mr Dunne. There was little use about talking about equal pay when single girls were not being given a fair chane to get employment.

- An advert on the same page announced 'Come and See the Magic of Colour Television!'

The advert was for The Roadhouse in Curracloe, due to open the following Friday under new management. It also declared that other attractions were central heating and ladies' drinks.

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