Saturday 21 September 2019

Funge paintings donated to County Council

THE FRIENDS of Wexford County Council Art proudly presented three paintings by the late Paul Funge to the collection at Wexford County Council last Friday morning.

The three paintings were samples of some of Funge's more early work, believed to be completed in the 1960s. The first is a portrait of a Jim Chapson, who was a friend of the artist. The second is a landscape with a figure. Meanwhile, the third is entitle 'man Lying on a Mushroom'.

Dr. Nora Liddy made the presentation on behalf of the organisation, which now boasts a collection in excess of 130 paintings.

All of the works are oil paintings on canvas. The work was described by Mairead Furlong as demonstrating 'fine careful brushwork, strong muted colours and excellent lighting'.

Much of the work already presented to the Council is on display at the new Council building.

As of yet it is unclear where these three paintings will reside. That decision will be made by the Art Department at Wexford County Council in due course.

The Friends of Wexford County Council Art stress that this collection is intended for public viewing and appreciation.

As a result on the first Wednesday of every month at 3p.m., Mairead Furlong gives a guided tour of the collection free of charge. Booking is not necessary.

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