Sunday 18 August 2019

Fury amongst residents at Liam Mellows Park as rubbish is left in unoccupied garden for four years

The waste has been in the rear garden of the house for four years.
The waste has been in the rear garden of the house for four years.


Residents of Liam Mellows Park in Wexford have expressed their concerns over a large amount of rubbish which has been left in the garden of an unoccupied house for over four years.

According to Ella Hynes, who lives close to the property, over 40 bags of waste in the rear garden of the Liam Mellows Park house are attracting rats and creating an eyesore. However, it is the presence of some highly flammable items such as a gas cylinder and an oil tank that is of greatest concern to residents.

'It is a health hazard,' said Mrs. Hynes, 'We are all worried that in this warm weather, some of the rubbish might go up in flames.'

Although Mrs. Hynes and other residents of the estate have contacted authorities regarding the waste, the issue has not been resolved.

'A lady from the environmental department of the Wexford County Council came out in November and was arranging to get the waste removed,' said Mary Sheil, another resident from the estate. 'We thought we were getting somewhere. Then she went on maternity leave and nothing has been done about it since.'

Several local councillors were also contacted for assistance. Cllr Davy Hynes was informed of the waste by a resident but was unable to solve the problem.

'I have been in touch with people a few times but there is still no resolution,' he said. 'Nobody wants to take responsibility. It just goes on and on.'

According to Cllr Hynes, there is little else that local councillors can do as the house is privately owned.

'I dealt with the issue as best as I could,' he added.

A spokesperson for Wexford County Council said that the issue is currently under investigation.

'If the problem is confirmed, we will take the appropriate action to resolve it,' said the spokesperson, who could not make further comment on individual cases.

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