Thursday 27 June 2019

Future pupils visit new CBS

Sean, Liam, Tom and Mary Savage at the open evening for parents and prospective students
Sean, Liam, Tom and Mary Savage at the open evening for parents and prospective students
Zac Clancy with his grandad Tony Clancy and uncle Michael Barron
Emily McBride, Sophie McBride, Aurta Veblyte and teacher Ailish Quirke

Anna Hayes

Prospective pupils and parents got to check out the facilities at the newly refurbished CBS Primary School when they attended its open evening.

While not an official opening, the night did afford parents the chance to visit the classrooms and see the new facilities and projects that the school and its students had implemented.

Members of the recently formed student council were on hand to show people around.

School principal Vicky Barron said the building was looking great, with six big, bright, classrooms and a general purpose hall that was proving popular for P.E. and other subjects.

'We look forward to welcoming new students next year. All town schools will be sending out acceptance letters in February.'

She added that it was a good time to welcome parents as the staff and students had spent considerable time on Christmas decorations, going so far as to even paint a fireplace onto the wall for the infant classes to hang their Christmas stockings from!

'It was a great opportunity for us to show off our new facilities and the work that the students have done in various subjects.'

She added that the newly formed student council had been particularly proactive in the area of mental health and well-being, creating a new acronym from the 'CBS' name by attributing the words Care, Believe, and Support to its letters.

They also installed a post box that pupils could post concerns or worries into, alerting teachers to any issues they had without drawing the attention of other classmates.

Ms Barron said the group was a strong voice for the school and they were working with them to implement various ideas they had.

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