Thursday 22 August 2019

Galbally? You could find yourself in the 'wrong' village if you follow the signs

Rare find - a sign for Galbally.
Rare find - a sign for Galbally.

By David tucker

People looking for the mid-County Wexford rural village of Galbally may find it hard to find.

It's on the map between the N25 and N30 and it's just off the R730 but if you are a stranger to this part of Wexford or if you are an American looking for your long lost cousins, you may end up in Bree or New Ross or Glynn or Caroreigh or Camross or Crossabeg or Curracloe. If you are driving a delivery van, you may end up in Ballyhogue or back in Enniscorthy as one driver from Dublin found. The reason is road signs or lack of them.

We may be losing considerable business that would keep this ancient village alive and thriving, said a local resident, Michael Freeman. Thousands of tourists and visitors are missing out.

The solution is simple, he said. A roadsign at the N25, another at Whitechurch and another at Foley's Cross.

So far Wexford County Council have ignored requests for roadsigns.

'Now that the county council and the government have money, they have no excuse,' said Mr Freeman, threatening the nuclear option if nothing is done soon - he will tell Mick Wallace and the issues of the roadsigns for Galbally may be brought up in the Dail!

According to legend, a solicitor looking for a troubled Galbally client one night travelled from New Ross to Camross to Barry's Cross to Glynn to Ballyhogue and back to Glynn to Crossabeg where there is another Galbally and then to Curracloe, where there is yet another Galbally.

A major Dublin businessman said 'Never again, you're out in the sticks'. He had been all over the world to China and Japan and back but finding Galbally was his 'worst nightmare'. Worse, when he visited the so called sunny south east it was pouring rain- he couldn't see properly and when he found someone to ask directions he was drenched. He was heading in the opposite direction - towards Taghmon .

Natives giving directions have told would-be visitors to plug their new Eircodes into their Sat Navs. However it doesn't work either- the full code won't plug in. Said Mr Freeman, 'If you've seen the guy giving directions on the new Eircode ad and jumping up and down and scratching his head, well it's ten times worse'. Adding to the confusion is that the post may be a day late because of the different Galballys.

People from Wexford town giving directions to visitors may ask if they are looking for Galbally, Crossabeg or for Galbally, Curracloe which few people seem to have heard of? No, it's Galbally, Ballyhogue. However the sub-post office of Ballyhogue has closed so should it be Galbally, Bree, or Galbally, Enniscorthy or Galbally, Adamstown? Visitors seeking direction may be confused by the choice of Galballys on offer.

One resident who has relocated from New York to the area, said it is most disconcerting. People of Galbally spend whole mornings on the phone giving directions and visitors spend whole mornings trying to find the place and find themselves ending up perhaps 20 kilometres away. If you are on the N25, turn at the sign for Camross but you'll end up in guess where - yes that's right Camross. If you follow the sign for Glynn, you'll bypass the crossroads at Whitechurch and end up in Adamstown. Follow the sign for Bree and you may end up in Adamstown too.

It's odd that in Enniscorthy, there's a sign for Gowran, Co. Kilkenny which is another county, but there is no sign in Enniscorthy for Galbally which is the home of best of Model County farming, Wallis Bird, the photographer Natalja Murphy, the 96-year-old community activist and philanthropist Ned Fenlon, the church funded by landlord John Hyacinth Talbot, the site of an ancient Giant's Grave or dolmen, a standing stone, a ringfort and St. Cuan's Holy well and its reputed cure for toothache.

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